Southern Oklahoma

It is just five weeks until our big trip to New Mexico and Colorado.  G-man has been working hard to make his bike more comfortable for the long ride.   This weekend we rode up to south-central Oklahoma, and back, to see if G-man's adjustments and additions improved the ride. 

We started our day trip by driving up Highway 377 over Lake Texahoma and to Madill, where we stopped for a quick bite to eat.  Next we rode on to Tishamingo, where TK did a little power "window" shopping at the Pink Pistol, Miranda Lambert's store.  We then drove on to the Tishamingo Fish Hatchery where we took a short walk to stretch our legs.  

After that we headed to Ada, home of Blake Shelton, and where TK's family use to live.  TK gave G-man a quick tour of the town which included ALL of TK's family's homes and church, the restaurant TK owned for two weeks, and the petrified tree at Wintersmith Park.  While at Wintersmith Park we also checked on a letterbox TK had planted (still there and another story for later).  Of course, our trip wasn't complete without a few refreshments, aka - beer!  We tried to stop at two local establishments but one was closed and the other had no AC (NO WAY!!!! not after riding on a bike in June through southern Oklahoma) so we ended up at our old standby, Chili's!  

We then drove on to Sulphur, where we rode through the Chickasaw National Recreation Area and then through the Davis Mountains, stopping at Turner Falls for a "selfie."  The next, and last stop, had us laughing!  After crossing the Oklahoma/Texas border we stopped at a rest stop and a lady came up to us asking if her daughter could take a picture of a sloth on the back of G-man's bike.  Weird, huh?  Evidently, this woman's teenager daughter had bought a stuffed sloth at a zoo in Minnesota, and on the way home to Houston the slough had a picture taken at each stop.  So, G-man obliged, and  the sloth had its picture taken on the bike.  Unfortunately, and even though it probably was that sloth's desire, that sloth just didn't look as "hard-core" on the bike as G-man!

Pink Pistol, Tishamingo, OK

I'm the only hell my mama ever raised!

TK outside the Pink Pistol

Signed the guest map at the Pink Pistol

NEW! Rest area in Tishamingo with air conditioned restrooms!

Old water wheel on Pennington Creek outside near Tishamingo Fish Hatcheries

Pennington Creek

Turner Falls in the Davis Mountains, OK

Selfie with Turner Falls between us


Ballard, Washington

Caddo Lake State Park, Texas

Twilight Eagle Santuary, Oregon