Salado, Texas

Sirena, the Mermaid, sits on
Salado Creek

The village of Salado, Texas, now known as the best art town in Texas, was first incorporated in 1867 for the sole purpose of building a bridge across Salado Creek.  The town is home to the Stagecoach Inn, the oldest continuously running hotel in Texas.  From 1866 until 1885, the famous Chisholm Trail cattle drives passed through this area, with the Stagecoach Inn being one of the stops. 

The Stagecoach Inn

George Washington Baines, a prominent Baptist clergyman in three states and the maternal great-grandfather of U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson, lived in Salado in his last years. The George Washington Baines House is on the National Register of Historic Places.  

Ruins of Salado College

The ruins of Salado College sit above a hill overlooking the town and remind us of Salado's rich history.  You can take a self-guided walking tour through the town using a map found on the Salado, Texas, website.

Log cabin and family cemetery


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