Astoria, Oregon

Leaving Fort Stevens we continued north east on Highway 101, across Young's Bay, and into Astoria, OR.  Starving, we made our way to Astoria's waterfront and into The Wet Dog Café and Brewery (Astoria's oldest brewery) where we ate a delicious lunch and enjoyed a local brew.

Astoria's historic waterfront

Old 300 Trolley still takes visitors along
Astoria's riverfront

The red building on the left is Pier 11

Astoria sits on the Columbia River just a few miles from the Pacific Ocean.  The city lines the south banks of the Columbia River, and the north banks of Young's bay.  Surrounded by water and tall evergreen Douglas Fir, Hemlock and Spruce trees, Astoria, is rich in scenic beauty, with a vista of the Pacific Ocean and its endless miles of sandy beaches viewed from a top of Astoria's historic Column.

The Astoria Column, in a wooded park
atop Astoria's highest hill, presents
a spectacular view of the historic city
and its surrounding rivers, bay, forest,
mountains, and ocean. The Column, built
in 1926, is 125 feet high and has 164
steps winding to the top.   We wanted to
take the 164 steps to the top, however,
the Column was closed for renovation
so we roamed the grounds and took in the spectacular views of the city from
the Column's ground level.

Indian Burial Canoe
located at the Astoria Column
         Symbolic Memorial dedicated by
Coboway's (Clatsop Indian Leader) 
descendants April 12, 1961

View of Columbia River and Young River

View of Astoria-Megler Bridge,
connects Oregon to Washington
Who can go to Astoria without visiting The Goonies House?  Not us!  We made our way to the house that sits on the hill at 368 38th St. and was used in 1985 movie about two brothers who go on an adventure to save their house.  Like all the other visitors we took a "selfie" in front of the house just as the home's owner drove up the hill, into the drive and disappeared inside.  Suddenly we felt ashamed of ourselves....a perfect time to head back to Portland.


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Twilight Eagle Santuary, Oregon