Hood River, Oregon

The next part of our adventure led us east along Highway 84 to Hood River, OR.  We stopped at several points along the way including Mitchell Point and the historic Columbia Gorge Hotel.

Mitchell Point was the site of "The Tunnel Of Many Vistas," an engineering marvel of the day.  In 1966, the tunnel was blasted away make room for Highway 84.  Today, travelers can stop to take in the breath-taking vistas of the gorge and to read up on this point's history.

View from of Columbia River from Mitchell's Point
Continuing east on Highway 84 we visited the Columbia Gorge Hotel.  The Hotel stands proudly atop a bluff overlooking the mighty Columbia River.  Respectful visitors are allowed to roam the grounds and photograph Wah Gwin Gwin falls(native American words for "rushing water"), a 208' fall that rushes over the bluff and into the Columbia River.
Wah Gwin Gwin Falls

Phelps Creek feeding falls

The hotel was built in 1904 during the days when steamers navigated the waters of the Columbia River from the Cascades to The Dalles.  To alert the hotel, the captains would sound the whistle once for each guest he had on board.  Maids would then quickly make up the appropriate number of beds.

Front of the historic Columbia Gorge Hotel

We stopped briefly in the town of Hood River to "gas-up" the blue devil and check out a few kiteboarders.  The Hood River sandbar one of the most consistently windy spots in the entire country making it an excellent place to learn this exciting sport. Leaving Hood River we headed through the Hood River Valley on our way to Mount Hood.  The valley is dotted with orchards of peaches, pears and cherries!!!  TK really, really wanted those cherries!

Kiteboarder on Columbia River

Hood River Bridge

Cherry Orchards

Old farm in Hood River Valley

Orchards and Mount Hood

Our next stop was Timberline Lodge.


Ballard, Washington

Caddo Lake State Park, Texas

Twilight Eagle Santuary, Oregon