South Highway 101, Oregon

After a good night's sleep in Cannon Beach we were well rested and ready for our next adventure.  We decided to spend the morning on a short day trip south on Highway 101. 

Our first stop was Arcadia Beach State Park.  This small state park is just off the highway and consists of a grove of shady trees and trail that leads down to a sandy beach.  We roamed the beach for a few minutes and found our first sand dollar at the base of Lion Rock.  At low tide you can explore the base of the rock and the small marine animals that call it home.

View of Lion Rock from Highway 101 overlook

Lion Rock

Marine garden at the base of Lion Rock

We find a few sanddollars
Our next stop was at Hug Point State Park just south of Arcadia.  A short walk, from the parking lot and down to the beach, reveals a seasonal waterfall, caves carved into sandstone cliffs and tide pools accessible during low tide.   Before Highway 101 was built, the beach was the only way to travel along this stretch of coast.  At low tide you may walk along the original stagecoach road, still harboring the wheel ruts carved into the rock.  Pioneers traveling around this headland had to "hug" this particular point even at low tide and so the point and the park both take the name hug point.

Caves in rock at Hug Point

Not much water flowing at this seasonal waterfall

G-man explores one of the caves at Hug Point

Hug Point, middle right

Closer to Hug Point and now you can see what was once a road

On Hug Point

On Hug Point about to turn the corner
A wagon and team cross Hug Point around the turn of the 20th century. The road, which is still there, was chipped into the rocky headland so wagons, stagecoaches and cars would not have to drive out into the surf to get around the point.

From Hug Point State Park we ventured further south and through the community of Arch Cape to a lookout point with the same name.  This pint was at the north side of Oswald West State Park.

Castle Rock near Arch Cape

Tunnel to enter Oswald West State Park

Everything is beautiful in Oregon!

Scenic viewing area over looking the beach

Historic Highway 101

After exploring south on Highway 101 we headed back to Cannon Beach.  We wanted to be at Haystack Rock during low tide to explore the rock's tide pools, as well.


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