Ray Roberts State Park, Texas

After weighing all the pros and cons, and marking a few items off of our "want" list we finally decided that our first travel trailer purchase would be a .. by Forest River.  Gman spent many hours researching and shopping for all the incidentals (that no one tells you about) we would need to tow the trailer, hook up the water and electricity and dump the tanks.   TK spent many hours shopping for just the right towels, the lightest weight dishes and the cutest party lights to decorate the patio (still searching). 

Finally, after many preparations, it was time for our inaugural camping trip! We decided on a destination fairly close to home, Ray Robert's State Park, Texas.  Ray Roberts is 29,000 acre lake just a few hours north of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.   There are two recreational areas on the lake:  The Johnson Unit on the north side and Isle du Bois Unit on the south side.  We chose to stay at the Johnson Unit.  We were so anxious to start our camping adventure that we headed out late on a Friday night.  In route we called the park to let them know of our reservation and late arrival.  They were very friendly and told us that our spot would be available when we arrived. 

Site #84 Walnut Loop

The park rangers helped us select a site - #84 in the Walnut camping loop.  Parking and setting up the trailer in the dark was not as challenging as we thought it would be.  Gman quickly leveled the trailer and got the water and electricity hooked up.  We were able to turn on the heater and warm up the trailer so we slept snug as two bugs in a rug!  Awwww....now this was camping!

Red buds and wild plum trees were in full bloom

The next morning we rode our bikes around the park and stumbled upon an old farm who's acreage now makes up the park.  Sadly, this historic site now sits in ruins.  

Sign explaining farmstead

What is left, and what we could see of the house
There were no letterboxes in this park (hmmmm we may have to plant one) but we did search for and found two geocaches planted by the park rangers.

Morning at the lake

By the late afternoon our friends and family had arrived.  We had a nice visit, did a little bank fishing (TK was the only one to catch a small bass...yeah, she's rubbing it in) and grilled some delicious burgers! 

Gman tends the fire
Our little dog Sam guards camp

All in all it was a great inaugural camping trip in our little trailer!  We can't wait for the next trip! 


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