Adams Falls, RMNP, Colorado

The first area of the Rocky Mountain National Park that we explored was Adams Falls.  We made our way to the East Inlet Trailhead off West Portal Road just east of Grand Lake, Colorado.  There is parking and restroom facilities available at the trailhead. 

Map of area

We began our hike at the East Inlet Trailhead.  This trail uses natural materials from the area to give it a harmonious appearance.  The East Inlet Trail was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2005.  After hiking through pines and aspens, for about one-third of a mile, we reached the Adams Falls Trail.

Adams Falls from overlook
The Adams Falls Trail is a semi-lop that reconnects with the East Inlet Trail in less than two-tenths of a mile.  At the connection we turned right and hiked the short distance to an overlook of the falls.

Adams Falls from overlook

Adams falls if an impressive waterfall that drops roughly 55 feet in a series of steps through a narrow rock gorge.  From the overlook we hiked up to the top of the falls where we had an other impressive view of the falls from above.  From this point we could see Grand Lake in the distance.

Unlike the Adams Tunnels (see earlier post) the falls and nearby Mt. Adams were named after Jay E. Adams, an early settler of Grand Lake who arrived in the late 1800s.

View of  Mt. Adams

From the top of the falls our hike continued a short distance and hooked up to the East Inlet Trail once again.  We turned left at the junction and headed back to the parking lot.  If we had enough time and energy we could have turned right at the junction and hiked  about a half-mile to the confluence of the East Inlet Creek and Echo Creek. We understand that there is a beautiful meadow of wildflowers near the confluence and moose are frequently spotted in the area.


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