Alpine Visitor Center, RMNP, Colorado

Visitor Center
Our next stop along Trail Ridge Road was the Alpine Visitor Center.  The center is located a 11,796 feet above sea level at Fall River Pass, about two miles north of the highest point on Trail Ridge Road.

During the months prior to our visit to Rocky Mountain National Park we watched the webcam that sits above the observation deck at Alpine Visitor Center.  After several late spring snows we could only see a wall of white but as the snow began to melt we could make out some scenery beyond the observation deck.  Luckily, the snow melted and Trail Ridge Road opened just two weeks before our trip allowing us to experience the beautiful views from the deck in person.

Alpine Visitor Center Sign

 From the observation deck we were able to see alpine tundra, Fall River Road (still closed due to snow melts) and the Fall River Cirque (hollowed area formed by glacier erosion).  From this spot we were able to get information to help us complete a geocache we needed for the Across the Divide Geo Tour!

Fall River Cirque

Fall River Road

Ponds created by snow melts

The visitor center offers more than extraordinary views.  It houses the only restaurant in RMNP, a bookstore, gift shop, snack bar and restrooms.

Its not a fourteener but you can take a short hike up to 12,005 feet from the visitor center


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