Fort Worden Historical State Park, Washington

Hidden gun emplacements, expansive parade lawns and restored Victorian-era Officers homes place history front and center at Fort Worden Historical State Park.

If any of Fort Worden State Park looks familiar its because the 1981 film, An Officer and a Gentleman was filmed here.
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Welcome to Fort Worden State Park

Point Wilson Lighthouse was built in 1879 – before Fort Worden itself – and continues to aid marine traffic today. Point Wilson marks the western entrance into the Puget Sound.

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Episcopal rector, Reverend John B. Alexander, built Alexander’s Castle in 1883.

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Twenty three buildings, including these barracks, were completed March, 1904.  Today the barracks house the Coastal Artillery Museum.

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Fort Worden beach and the Port Townsend Marine Science Center

While today’s park hosts workshops, festivals and family reunions, the Fort Worden of 100 years ago was home to nearly 1,000 troops and officers training to defend the Puget Sound from potential enemy invaders.

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Fort Worden Battery Kinzie, front

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Fort Worden, Battery Benson #2 Gun Firing, 1915 (University of Washington Archive)

Fort Worden, Fort Flagler and Fort Casey, with their big guns and strategic locations, once made up the coastal defense system known as, “The Triangle of Fire.” Constructed between 1898 and 1917, fascinating Fort Worden features more than 2 miles of beachfront and high bluffs with spectacular views of the Strait of Juan de Fuca.
Wildlife and wildflowers around Fort Worden

Wind blown trees at near Fort Worden

Sand dunes at Fort Worden look across to Mount Baker

Rocky coast line at Fort Worden, on the top right of this picture sits a bald eagle


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