L.E.A.F - Llano Earth Art Fest, Llano, Texas

For the past five years the Llano Earth Art Fest or LEAF, has been held on the banks of the Llano River- one block from Llano's historic downtown.  

LEAF is an interactive experience for young and old alike.  You can watch internationally renowned artists defy gravity with amazingly balanced rock sculptures and listen to great musicians fill the park with song. 

For kids there are plenty of activities, including a climbing wall, face painting, and more.  Adults can enjoy a cold beer while taking part in workshops, viewing and creating art, or just relaxing in the sun. 

This year the LEAF Festival will be held March 15th - 18th, 2018.

On our way to Fredericksburg, Texas, we drove through Llano and stumbled upon this festival.  With our trailer in tow it was impossible to find a spot to park and view the spectacle.  When we left Fredericksburg and headed back to through Llano the festival was complete so it was easy to find a parking space and then roam up and down the banks of the Llano River marveling at the stacked rock sculptures that seemed to defy gravity.

After taking in the sites we headed to our FAVORITE BBQ joint, Cooper's Old Time Pit BBQ, to enjoy a slab of brisket and their amazing beans.  Fortunately, we got there early enough that we did not have to stand in line, like so many are willing to do, to enjoy a good meat coma!


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