Glide, Oregon and the Colliding Rivers

Back on Highway 5, after visiting the ghost town of Golden, Oregon, we continued our journey north to Eugene.

We had not planned to make another stop but when we heard about the Colliding Rivers we knew we had to check out this location and boy were we glad we did!  

To get to the Colliding Rivers Scenic Viewpoint we detoured off Highway 5 at Roseburg and traveled east towards the town of Glide. 

Umpqua turning from the north

Little River from the south

Colliding Rivers is the title given for the collision of Little River to the North Umpqua River. Located just 11 miles east of Roseburg, near Glide, it is the only place in the world where two rivers collide head-on to form one river. The Little River flows from the south as the North Umpqua veers a sharp bend and intersects the Little River. 

Where the two rivers collide

Informative panels at the viewpoint describe the geologic formations and historic uses of the phenomenal site. It’s a great spot to stop and snap some photos! 

Although Colliding Rivers is impressive in itself it was the drive back from Glide to Highway 5 that was breathtaking! North Bank Road starts just west of Glide, crosses the Umpqua River, and then twists and turns following the river banks. At the half way point we stumbled upon a hidden gem of a park, Whistler's Bend Park.

N. Umpqua River (looking east) taken from VT Jackson County Wayside.  Across the river is Whistler's Bend Park

N. Umpqua River (looking south)

Rolling Hills of green slope up from the banks of the Umpqua.  The countryside is dotted with small farms or ranches with herds of white sheep. We traveled on North Bank Road until it dumped us out back on Highway 5 just south of Wilbur.

Our next stop would be a short one-night stay in Eugene, Oregon.


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