Seal Rock, Oregon

After staying in Newport, Oregon, for two nights, we headed south along the Oregon coast to our next accommodation at Mercer Lake.  

Excited to be back on the road, again, and taking in Oregon's coast views, we stopped along the seaside village of Seal Rock and the Seal Rock Recreation Site.  

Informational signs and warnings about disturbing wildlife in the area

Top of seal rock, not accessible to visitors

Seal Rock, the coastal village, encompasses a five mile stretch along Oregon's scenic Pacific Coast Highway.

his historic town began as a vacation destination for early pioneers who enjoyed the community spirit of small town living. In the 1880's, it became a popular resort location with regular visitors from the Willamette Valley, such as former Oregon Gov. William Lord, whose family still owns his original beach bungalow in Seal Rock's tiny village. 

Seal Rock State Wayside features large off-shore rock formations that provide habitat for seals, sea lions, sea birds and other marine life. 

View of sandy beach near Seal Rock, walking trail in foreground

View of Seal Rock from washed out area not accessible to visitors

The beach includes interesting tidepools as well as excellent ocean views and a sandy beach. The short trail to the beach is steep in areas, but features an ADA accessible viewpoint at the midway point with views of the beach and tidepools. The picnic area near the parking lot is in a pleasant stand of shore pine, spruce and salal.

Type of acorn barnacles clinging to base of Seal Rock

Tidal pools

Bathing seagulls

Fresh water creek making its way to the Pacific

Forested area with hiking trails to Seal Rock Recreational Site

Next stop......the small town of Waldport, Oregon and the Alsea Bay Historic Interpretive Center!


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