Bailey, Colorado

On the last day of our 2019 Colorado trip we made our way to Bailey, Colorado, to visit the Sasquatch Outpost.....I know, we're weird!

To get to Bailey from Colorado Springs we headed through Manitou Springs and then onto Highway 24 to Woodland Park.  In Woodland Park we connected onto Highway 67 and passed the Painted Rock Campground where we saw the most amazing rock formation jetting out of the ground right in the middle of pine forests. 

Painted Rocks Campground

One of many rock formations in Painted Rocks Campground

From Painted Rock Campground we headed to the small town of Deckers.  The South Platte River flowing below Cheesman Canyon through Deckers is a world-class fishing area.  We saw several anglers wading in the river fly fishing on the South Platte River below the Cheesman Canyon.

Evidence of the Hayman Fire of 2002 in Pike National Forest

Granite rock formations near Deckers
A few old buildings near Pine, Colorado

A few old buildings near Pine, Colorado

Old school house, now a home, in Pine, Colorado

From Deckers, we turned onto Decker's Road 126 and followed the Platte River to the community of Pine.  Just outside of Pine we stopped at the Pine Valley Ranch Park to get a closer view of, and dip our toes in, the North Fork of the Platte River. Pine Valley Ranch Park is an amazing little park offering several hikes, a beautiful lake, a lot of history, a small island with a gazebo, and the best picnic area on the Front Range of Colorado. 

North Fork Platte River

Gazebo at Pine Valley Ranch Park

Bridge crossing the Platte River at Pine Valley Ranch Park

Platte River going around an island at the Pine Valley Ranch Park

Our little pup, Remi, is an explorer also!

After exploring the Pine Valley Ranch Park we made our way to Bailey and to the Sasquatch Outpost. Bailey is a small town located about 45 minutes southwest of Denver. This Platte Canyon town lies at 7,739 feet with the main part of town residing at the bottom of a steep winding section of Highway 285.

The outside of the Sasquatch Outpost

Remi's parents make him do the dumbest things!

Remi posing with the big guy

The Sasquatch Outpost has to be the most unique store in all of Colorado and is strictly dedicated to the famous legendary Bigfoot.  Not only does the Outpost offer souvenirs of the Bigfoot kind but they also have a museum on site.  After picking up a few souvenirs we decided to get back on the road again because the skies had darkened and looked as if storms were developing.

Before reaching Pine, again, we made a quick stop at the Cruz-In Drive-Through and ordered the most amazing green chili cheese fries to snack on we headed back to Cheyenne Mountain


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