Cave of the Winds, Colorado

One of the stops we made while traveling in and around Colorado Springs, Colorado, was Cave of the Winds.  This was the second time we had been to the cave park, however, we have never been inside.

View of Mount Manitou from Cave of the Winds Park

The first time we were there was last October 2018 and the area had a early snow storm.  Although the cave was open and offering tours, we were cold and didn't want to travel under ground to be in colder temperatures.

The Cave of the Winds park sells these awesome adorondack chairs made
from old skis.  I just love the saying on this one!

View of Manitou Springs from the Cave of the Winds

This time we had our little pup with us so we didn't get a chance to take a cave tour but the area around the cave is beautiful and the views are spectacular so we made our way up to the cave park again!

In this post we've included the images that we captured but also a little history lesson about the cave:

Local legends hold that both Apache and Ute Native Americans knew about the cave, but these stories have not been confirmed by historic or archaeological evidence. The cave is named for the legend involving the Apache, who were said to believe it was the home of a Great Spirit of the Wind. In 1869 a white settler, Arthur B. Love, found the entrance to the cave, but the first major exploration was conducted in June 1880. During a hike led by the Rev. Roselle T. Cross, pastor of the Congregational Church in Colorado Springs, the schoolboys John and George Pickett stumbled across the cave’s entrance and explored it by candlelight. Such is the traditional account of the first entry into the cave, accepted by the official website of the cave and in the majority of publications about it. There would seem to be little reason to question this simple and rather appealing story, which through a century of repetition has become entrenched among the many popular stories about the history of the Pikes Peak region.


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