Cheyenne Mountain State Park, Colorado

After breaking down camp in Palo Duro Canyon we made our way to Colorado where we would stay three nights at our favorite campground in Colorado Springs, Cheyenne Mountain State Park.

Those amazing windmills just north of Amarillo, Texas

Rain clouds developing near Mount Capulin, New Mexico

Helicopter rescue of possible hiker near Raton Pass.  We could find no information on what was taking place.

Rain clouds near Raton Pass and where we saw the lighting strike

Along the way it looked like we were going to get into some unpredictable mountain weather around Raton Pass, in New Mexico, with strange rain clouds forming in front of us.  We even witnessed a lighting strike directly on the highway in front of us however we continued traveling towards Colorado Springs with only brief sprinkles.

Cheyenne Mountain is located just south of Colorado Springs off of Highway 115 and the J.L. Ranch Heights Road. Directly east of the park lies Fort Carson Military Base. You're reminded twice a day just how close the base is to the park when you hear Taps at night and Reveille in the morning!  We've heard some people complain about the noise, however, we think it is just amazing!

Cheyenne Mountain is home to NORAD, a Boy Scout Camp, and the Broadmoor's Cloud Camp

Beautiful Cheyenne Mountain looking over the park

The park has a wonderful visitors center where you can learn about the park's diverse natural resources while taking in an amazing view. The park offers day use picnicking sites, 61 campsites, an archery range and 20 miles of trails open to hiking, biking and wildlife viewing.

Small trail leading out of our campsite

#5 Raptor Glen Campsite

Our new campsite flag

Last of the night time photography on this trip.  We would have clouds the each night there after.

When we checked in at the vistors' center we were warned that a large black bear had been spotted in the area.  Even though signs are scatted throughout the park warning visitors of the dangers of bears and mountain lions we did a very stupid thing and left our small propane grill unattended while we were away.  Once we returned we were greeted with a ranger notice warning that we were in violation and we needed to store the grill when we were not occupying our site.

Sunrise the morning of our second stay looking over the lights of Colorado Springs

Sunrise the third morning of our stay.  Caught this hot air balloon taking off over Colorado Springs.

The morning we left Cheyenne Mountain, sad!

So, this clean, level, full hookup campsite would be our home base for the next three days and we continued our adventures in the Colorado Springs area!


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